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Refer Contest

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Refer Contest

Post by TcDc on Fri Jan 21, 2011 1:18 am

NintenStar Needs Your Help! has just been updated with an all new forum, and it needs your help to get a buzzing community. The only thing that can make a site better is a better community.

But, just what is NintenStar?

NintenStar is a Nintendo fansite dedicated to everything NIntendo,
And Is Your #1 source to nintendo news in

What Is The Contest?
Refer The Most Members to NintenStar and you win!

1st Place: Free 2Month Advertising On NintenStar(200x200), Permanent Advertising on
Spongetriviaplus.webs (200x550), custom logo (any size)
2nd Place: Free 3Week Adverrtising on SpongeTriviaPlus.webs
3rd Place: Free 1Week advertising on (400x400)

Rules And Regulations:
In order to qualify for any prizes you must refer at least 5 referrals. The minimum referrals for first place is: 10. Deadline is FEBRUARY 5th .

thank you!

TcDc - I help because i want to - What a Face

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Re: Refer Contest

Post by Xero on Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:02 pm

Also, anyone that can get 5 or more people to join and be active on the site, will be promoted to a Community Promoter. But please don't become a spam bot, or get any bots to join.

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